Honey Cluster Tee


In "The Tipping Point", Malcolm Gladwell researches how movements, trends, and products grow, with some even taking on lives of their own. Gladwell speaks to three levers that can be adjusted to tumble through the tipping point: the message itself (how likely the message is to stick in one's mind), the messenger (who is most likely to spread an idea or share a product), and the context in which the message is delivered (where and when a message is put forth for the most impact). The honey cluster tee is an inanimate study into how the the covid-19 pandemic has impacted clothing choices, and our relationship to clothing worldwide. With the classic "Hyde Park" lettering alongside clouds and a heart across the front of the t-shirt, and the "You Aren't Invited" catchphrase over the clustered smiley face, heart, and fire icons on the back, you'll soon see tiny specks grow into clusters, then critical mass, and finally reach a tipping point in your future endeavors.

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